• Perth Pilates Fit, 3/30 Hammond Rd, Cockburn Central

  • 26/05/2019

  • 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

  • $295


Become a BOXILATES® Instructor! The BOXILATES® Foundations course is open to all Pilates Instructors. It runs for 8 hours spread over 1 day. Throughout the day, each exercise is demonstrated, discussed and practiced. Technical points to watch out for, tips on how to teach and cueing are provided for each exercise. The course also covers BOXILATES® class design and structure to help ensure your classes fit your intended class length and student requirements.

You will receive one manual. The BOXILATES® Foundations manual that covers all of the fundamentals of BOXILATES®.

Expand your skill set with our Intermediate Course! The BOXILATES™ Intermediate Course is open to all BOXILATES™ Certified Instructors. It runs for 4 hours spread over 1/2 day.

You will receive one manual. The BOXILATES™ Intermediate manual and access to online BOXILATES™ Programming. Your clients will enjoy a much wider variety of workouts to help them achieve the results they are aiming for. All of this will help you, as an instructor, attract and retain satisfied clients and that means your business will be more successful.