Boxilates® gives the best of both worlds. Boxing gives the intensity I need to feel like I’ve done a solid heart-racing workout and the pilates ‘breaks’ in-between work on the areas that I could never normally target with traditional classes, all the while feeling like I’m nurturing my body, not smashing it. The results are amazing and faster than what I’ve had with cross-fit and standard interval training

Amy, Sydney

As a Pilates instructor and studio owner, I am always looking for new ways to enhance not only my classes, but the services my space can provide – as well as my own satisfaction teaching classes. For me, it is hugely important to keep MYSELF invigorated and motivated, so that I can pass that positive energy on to my clients – adding in new training techniques is pivotal to keeping myself engaged.

Tori Clapham, Peaches Pilates Sydney

I love that it’s dynamic, different every class, you never know what to expect, but you know you’ll always get a good workout. I noticed a huge difference in my stamina and overall body toning after just a few weeks of classes.

Charlotte, United Kingdom

I LOVED the Boxilates® teacher training course! I found it easy to comprehend and I loved the format. Going through a class first and then learning the technique helped to understand it clearly. I can’t wait to bring it in to my studio to give the clients that Cardio interval class that gets your heart rate pumpin.

Pamela, LIVe Pilates North Fremantle

I’m hooked! Never boxed before – An action packed training course with tremendous energy & pace with dynamic movements that keep you motivated and challenged. Thoroughly enjoyable and recommend everyone to give it a go.

Linda, FABulous Pilates, Newstead QLD

I can say in all honesty that introducing Boxilates® to Peaches has been completely invaluable – classes are constantly booked out, I have seen a rise in clients becoming members of my studio and everyone, including me, is loving this refreshing approach to fitness.

Tori Clapham, Peaches Pilates Sydney